Enjoy Savings on Postage

Your business’ bottom line is important to you, which makes unlocking financial savings in several areas a popular course of action. Lower spend means increased profit, and one area that you could save a substantial sum in is on the cost of handling, processing and sending business mail. The Royal Mail provides discounts on franked mail and packages, discounts that could equate to hundreds or even thousands of pounds of savings every year.

Use Your Staff’s Time More Wisely

Handling, processing and sending mail the traditional way is particularly time consuming. Not forgetting those trips to the Post Office and time spent waiting in queues! Use your staff’s time more wisely by investing in a franking machine, and eliminate the need for Post Office trips, make the handling and processing of business mail more time efficient and ensure the sending of mail can be completed 24/7, not just during Post Office opening hours. With a franking machine there’s also no need to hire dedicated mailroom staff. The ease, accessibility and flexibility of digital franking means staff can share mailing duties whilst having time to fulfil their primary roles to perfection.

Frama Matrix F2 Low Volume Franking Machine

Keep Business Security Tight

The security of your business and the mail it sends is vital and should be treated with the utmost care. Using a franking machine provides the added security you need with the risk of losing stamp books and petty cash completely removed. Franking machines offer a completely secure way of settling mail fees with postal credits used password or PIN code protected and accessible only to authorised personnel.

Guarantee Accuracy with Postage Costs

The cost of posting mail and packages from your business is significant if incorrectly managed. With franking machines and their integrated weighing scales, problems like over-stamping and under-stamping never have to happen again. The use of a franking machine ensures full accountability with many postal services even linked to VAT making it easier to account for and claim postal expenditure on your annual return.

Pitney Bowes DM110i Mid Volume Franking Machine

Send Business Mail Even Faster

With less time spent stamping, franked mail benefits from faster delivery times in comparison to traditionally processed post and packages. First class franked mail is also cheaper to send than second class stamped mail, meaning your customers or clients can benefit from faster deliveries. Some machines even fold, seal, weigh, print and stack envelopes automatically to help your staff save even more time.

Deal with Large Packages Too

It’s not just letters that you’ll be able to frank courtesy of our franking machines. Packages, large padded envelopes and postal tubes can all be successfully processed with franking and their exact postage accurately calculated. Mixed mail of varying weights, lengths, thicknesses and widths can also be precisely processed, franked and mailed through the machine.

Pitney Bowes SendPro High Volume Franking Machine

Maintain a Fully Professional Image

Put your business’ image first with professional on-board colour printing and further advertising opportunities. Thanks to many franking machines’ built-in features, business specific slogans, logos and materials can be custom printed for a more professional image.


Ready to get started?

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